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Press about orchestra

Under Orbelian’s assured control there’s solid and sensitive support to Marcelo Alvarez’s arias from the St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra which adds to the weight of dramatic impact when needed. The sound is clarity itself and well-balanced too.

Musicweb-international.com, February 2015

Vladimir Lande and St. Petersburg State Symphony gave Rimsky-Korsakov’s voluptuous orchestral textures their full due, but he kept things moving, his brisk momentum lending the score an unusual cohesion and sense of trajectory. By the end, it was impossible to tell who was having the better time — the musicians or the audience.

Washington Post, USA, January 2015

The St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra and Walter Proost, an emphatic conductor with very ample and strict gestures, played Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 with a real dramatic force, flexibly, clearly, accurately, with inner concentration and diverse dynamics. The excited audience cheered the musicians with an endless ovation.

Walliser Bote, Switzerland 2014

In the Russian music program, the excellently equipped romantic orchestra from St. Petersburg appeared at its best. Under the baton of conductor Yuri Serov they reproduced a magnificently beautiful world of sounds, reaching an amazing emotional diversity, from subtlest lyrical nuances to a powerful sound avalanche.

Walliser Bote, Switzerland, 2014

This is the fourth Weinberg recording that Vladimir Lande and St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra has made for Naxos and it’s just as good as the other three...the tempos are well judged and Weinberg’s sometimes disjunct architecture is made to work as a whole. The engineering team has captured both body and detail in the orchestral sound......there’s no real alternative to this new recording, but it’s so good that the absence of competition is of no concern. This is, then, another major addition to the Weinberg discography, and it can be recommended without hesitation.

International Record Review, 2014

Naxos...has now made [Weinberg’s] No. 18 available in a very fine performance by soloists, chorus and the St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra under Vladimir Lande. The work is nicely paired with Weinberg’s Trumpet Concerto...Andrew Balio plays the concerto quite well, with nuance and elegance rather than overweening virtuoso display, and as in the symphony, Lande leads the orchestra with sure-handedness, understanding and a firm grasp of Weinberg’s style.

Infodad.com, 2014

The present performance [of the Trumpet Concerto by Weinberg] boasts a compelling contribution from Andrew Balio, who revels in the witticisms of the Finale while also encapsulating the darker undertones of the wistful central movement. The St Petersburg State Symphony offers strong support...

BBC Music Magazine, 2014

… In Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony, the musicians the musicians produced a big, powerful sound, which Mr. Lande molded into a shapely, emotional reading…

The New York Times, USA, 2011

… St. Petersburg’s orchestra gave high creative satisfaction to all of the audience. Its native city and entire country may be proud of the ensemble …

Boston Globe, USA, 2011

… The real merit of the performance was in detailed refinement of the orchestra sound. That night of Russian music was remarkable indeed …

Los Angeles Times, USA, 2011

… St. Petersburg’s orchestra became a real jewel of the 39th Cervantino International Festival…the audience was moved and gave them an excited ovation …

Guanajuato Capital, Mexico, 2011

… Inspiration, excitement, and cordiality are the greatest impressions of that night with the superorchestra from St. Petersburg. For two hours, the audience lived in a world of harmony andbeauty. …

Puebla Noticias, Mexico, 2011

…In Shostakovich’s symphony, the orchestra from St. Petersburg brilliantly demonstrated their outstanding merits…

La Nacion, Argentina, 2011

… The orchestra from St. Petersburg excited and won Ecuador’s capital with its melodies… it was an unforgettable, but alas momentary night …

El Comercio, Ecuador, 2011

… The season of the Beethoven Foundation had its monumental coronation in the concert of theorchestra from St. Petersburg; it is a rare opportunity in this country to hear an ensemble of such a high quality …

Visiones, Chile, 2011

The St Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra under Alexander Titov played the scores used for these ballets superlatively, full of detail and nuance, of tangy Russian brass and characterfull woodwind, of luscious strings and unashamed force when called upon. It was, as they say, worth the price of admission simply to hear these excellent musicians play so well.

Guardian, Great Britain, 2011